Foreclosure Defense

If your lender commences a lawsuit to foreclose on your property, you may have defenses available to protect your property. Defense of a foreclosure proceeding provides you with opportunities to negotiate with your lender, obtain a re-finance loan, sell your property, and be aware of the proceedings, and the time involved during the Court process. For your foreclosure defense, the Law Offices of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf with your lender. You may have a financial situation which caused you to default. Or, you may have been treated improperly in connection with your loan. In either case, we have represented both borrowers and lenders for decades and have the experience to represent you in a complex area of the law.

By defending a foreclosure action you can challenge the foreclosure lawsuit and show the judge the merits of your defense.

We at the Law Offices of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. understand and are sympathetic to the hardships facing our clients in these difficult financial times. The Law Offices of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., has dedicated much of our practice for decades to meeting the needs of our clients who face the very real prospect of losing their property. If you have questions about the many options available and/or about foreclosure defense, contact the Law Offices Of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. today to schedule an appointment and discuss your situation with one of the attorneys.

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