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Personal Injury

When an individual suffers personal injuries as the result of the negligence and/or the improper conduct of another, person or company our legal system provides for the injured party to receive compensation for their injuries in the form of money damages.

Our personal injury law practice includes representation of clients injured under many different circumstances. If you have been injured in an accident, Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., shall provide representation to help you recover the money you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. We commence a lawsuit to obtain fair compensation for all of the client's damages. Legal fees in personal injury cases are contingent and are based upon a percentage of the actual recovery. There is no legal fee unless a monetary award or settlement is secured.

Contact us today to discuss your situation with an experienced New York personal injury lawyer.


Loan Modifications

Loan Modifications have become very popular in the present real estate environment. A loan modification basically provides new terms with your mortgage holder and permits you to prevent losing your home in Foreclosure proceeding. Many people are having trouble paying their mortgage, and they, including you, may qualify for a loan modification.

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Foreclosure Defense

If your lender commences a lawsuit to foreclose on your property, you may have defenses available to protect your property. Defense of a foreclosure proceeding provides you with opportunities to negotiate with your lender, obtain a re-finance loan, sell your property, and be aware of the proceedings, and the time involved during the Court process. For your foreclosure defense, the Law Offices of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf with your lender.

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Short Sale

If your property is "under water", having no equity, in that you owe more to your mortgage lender then your property is currently worth, then you may qualify for a short sale. In a short sale the mortgage holder allows the sale of the property, for a lesser amount then what is owed to it in exchange for all of the sale proceeds resulting from that sale, less the ordinary and customary closing costs. Basically you submit a contract of sale to your lender, and request the lender covers your selling closing costs from such proceeds so you do not have to pay those and the lender then accepts the balance to satisfy your loan. Title costs, broker commissions, attorney fees, etc are all considered by the lender. Typically the seller does not receive any of the funds. This is a complex process and should be handled by an experienced attorney. A short sale has negative implications which should be discussed before entering into any contract. Another option is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

If you can no longer afford your property and you are facing the prospect of foreclosure, your lender may agree to accept a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. A Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure is a conveyance of the subject property from the property owner to the current mortgage holder. The conveyance is done to avoid foreclosure proceedings. This process may appear simple but having the transaction handled by an experienced real estate attorney, with sound and practical advise can help you to avoid or at least understand the ramifications of this process.


Deed Transfers

There are circumstances which might cause you to benefit by transferring title of your property to another individual or company.

Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., has the experience to advise you properly and prepare the deed and supporting papers to have the deed recorded. Your experienced attorney shall discuss with you the process and the underlying issues involved. Transferring title of your property should be handled carefully.


Power of Attorney

Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., have been consulting with clients for decades in the process to prepare a Power of Attorney.

Under the recent changes to the law, such forms should be completed by an experienced attorney. This is a powerful document and you should understand its capabilities before signing a Power of Attorney.


Title Claims

Experienced real estate investors, speculators, developers, etc find themselves involved in transactions which raise issues typically provided for in the title insurance.

Individuals on one and two family homes, coops and condos may also have such a situation.

Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., for decades have represented all such clients in handling disputes with the title companies including negotiating and litigating claims in Court.

If you have a problem, call Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., for good advise and experienced consultation.



The law firm of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., has prepared Wills for individuals for almost 50 years. To learn how you can plan for the future through wills contact the Law Offices of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. for a free consultation.

A Will is important regardless of your assets. A Will provides peace of mind and express your intentions to assist your family and avoid disputes among your survivors. A Will provides direction for handling your real property and personal property. It is important when children are involved so you, and not a Judge, names the Guardians and Trustees for your minor children.

We also can assist you with a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or transfer of assets before death. A last Will and Testament is the most basic estate planning tool. It directs the transfer of your assets according to your intentions, and it can also express your wishes about burial, memorial services or other arrangements after you're death. The certainty of having a Will in place can help to avoid confusion and disputes over who gets what assets. If you have a Will but haven't reviewed it in several years, it is a good idea to discuss it with an estate planning lawyer to make sure that it meets current personal and family needs.

The law Firm of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs. has helped families and individuals with Wills for decades.


Insurance Claims

In the event of a property loss, fire, theft, water damage to your house or property, and other types of losses, and your insurance company refuses to pay your claim, or offers you a settlement of an un-fair amount, we sue such company on your behalf.

We at Silberzweig & Sznitken Esqs. have for decades represented individuals and companies in lawsuits involving claims against their own insurance company.

We have handled many claims and instances of carriers denying claims on the basis of fraud, arson, misrepresentation, lack of notice, failure to comply with policy terms, etc.

We have also represented parties when their insurance company offers an amount on a claim which is not acceptable to the insured.

In most instances these actions are handled by our office on a contingency basis.



Sometimes marriages fail and the parties need a divorce. In the situation of un-contested divorces, that proceeding where both parties consent, we handle the documents necessary to obtain the divorce.

In the cases where that parties do not agree, we represent you to pursue or defend the proceedings and provide counseling on legal issues and take necessary steps to protect your interest and assets.

We also understand that divorce is personal and we conduct ourselves in a manner appropriate with issues beyond money concerns.


Criminal Law

The Law firm of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., has over 40 years experience in criminal matters. If you or a family member, or friend, is facing criminal charges, you should retain an experienced criminal attorney. You need private counsel to know your case, handle it on a one to one basis, defend your rights and maintain communication throughout the process.

We have handled cases ranging from theft, DWI, possession of a weapon to murder. Every aspect of your case including conferences, court appearances, etc., is handled by one of the attorneys who is familiar with your case.



Your finances are in trouble, and you find no way to resolve the problems, you need an ally fighting on your side. The Law firm of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., gives you the ability to deal with your creditors and use your legal rights to protect yourself, your family, and everything you own.

No matter the reasons, the attorneys at Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., will skillfully work through the bankruptcy court system and put you back in control of your life. No longer will you be at the mercy of you creditors. The Law firm of Silberzweig & Sznitken, Esqs., shall get you the respect you deserve and the breathing room you need to make a fresh start for you and your family.

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